Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lehrerbildungsanstalt LBA Pair

Introduced in the spring of 1941 for the Stammanschaft of the LBA, institutions for the traning of teachers. It is almost certain the shoulder straps with Bann numbers were worn by students (Zogling) while attending the LBA shule. These straps are a set converted from Striefendienst HJ straps in anticipation of the regulation shoulder straps being introduced as was not unusual with HJ Shoulder Straps. It is unclear if "official" RZM controlled straps were ever introduced. These converted straps are the only type I have ever seen. This set was converted from a set for Bann 257 Alfeld. The first LBA Schule was located in Alfeld as well as Bann 257, it is possible the wearer of these straps was a student at the Schule, and modified these straps in anticipation of RZM straps being introduced. It is unclear if an RZM version of the LBA straps was ever manufactured, the only examples I have seen have been this hand converted variety. Difficult to find straps outside of established collections. RARE $875.00

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