Thursday, December 31, 2009

Very Early HJ Shoulder Straps 1931-1933

First photo is a set of very early piped in Brown and Yellow with Brown numerals. This color combination is for HJ Gruppe Nord, (Bremen), Hannover Sud during the time period when the HJ was subordinate to the SA. At that time period the numerals represented the Schar and the Gefolgschaft of the Bann. The early Banns were not numbered but named instead. This set would date to the early 1930's. $ 400.00

Second photo is a single from Wesser-Ems, Oldenburg piped in Brown and Green. Interesting to note is the set appears to have had the number 41 embroidered in Brown, which appears to have been removed and then oversewn with a Black number 5 for the Schar, which was en vouge at the time this strap would have been used. Pre 1934 HJ straps are quite large when compared to later versions. They were refered to as "cows tounges" during the period. $200.00

Third photo is an early strap, F├╝hrerschnur, and Gebietsdriecke for the HJ Gruppe Sudwest Baden. This insignia was used prior to 1933 when the HJ Gruppe were not numbered but named instead. The lanyard denotes a Kameradeshcaftsfuhrer from the Bann. 650.00

Fourth photo is a very 
early strap from Bann 29 Eifel in the Aachen region. The Blue and Black  piping is possibly from the region of Serie III Aachen but this is unconfirmed. An interesting early strap. $250.00



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