Thursday, December 31, 2009

Early Obberbann 2 Straps.

 Early Obberbann 2 straps. Yellow numerals and piping represent Obberban 2. First photo is a 1935/37 period single HJ schulterklappe from Bann 131 Hamm. At this time the Bann was located in Obbergebiet West, HJ-Gebiet Westphalia. Note the RZM tag on the reverse. By regulation the first tags had to be blue in color with TA and, as such, were used officially until spring 1935 when the TA was replaced by the A4 code, due to a re-organization. A tag with the "TA" officially should not have been used if the strap is post 1935, but one with "A4". It is possible the manufacturer still had old tags,but according to orders for the RZM inspections the old one was not allowed to be used in 1936. The "TA" refers to Textilabzeichen. The manufacturer is 260, this should be August Orlob II. from Leinefelde. He first had his manufacturing permission in 1934. It was renewed November 9th, 1935 and had this number until the end of the war. (Thanks to Wilhelm Sarris for the RZM information.) The yellow piping and numeral may denote signals HJ, but more likely Obberbann II, from the time period when the Unterbann system was in process of being abolished, due to the period of the RZM tag. $100.00

Second photo is a single from Bann 64, Unterbann III, Prenzlen, of the Ost/Kurmark Gebiet for the rank of a Kameradeschaftsfuhrer.$75.00

Third photo is a set from Bann 256 Northeim-Einbeck, Nord/Niedersachsen, Oberbann 2, Unterbann I. $200.00

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