Thursday, December 31, 2009

Early Oberbann 4 Shoulder Straps.

Obberbann 4 Straps. The blue piping and numerals indicate Obberbann 4. First phot is a single for Bann 138, Unterbann III, Siegerland, Gebiet West/Westfalia. Note the buttons sewn to the bottom to allow them to be removed from the Kopperbluse for laundering. $80.00
Second photo is a single for Bann 160, Bonn, Gebiet West/Mittlerhien. This strap may possibly be from the time when different colors were introduced to indicate the wearer's specialty, or may just be an Obberbann 4 strap. Note the "lash" sewn to the back to allow removal from the uniform for laundering. It's possible that this practice influenced the later post 1938 pattern straps being constructed with these "slip on" tongues on them. $80.00

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