Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feldscher H.J.

This version was introduced on September 2, 1938. The original form had an aesculapius. This was replaced by Lebensrune (Life Rune). When a doctor or dentist held a regular H.J. rank, he wore the standard H.J. straps reflecting the rank. They wore a sleeve insignia to differntiate them from regular H.J. Feldscher strap buttons did not have a Gefolgschaft number, but rather a silver 19mm button. This pattern was worn until the end of the war. They are never encountered in the "slip on" style, always the "sew in" pattern. Feldcher straps are difficult to find outside of established collections and command a heavy price when offered for sale.

 First photo is a pair is for a Hauptarzt of the Feldscher H.J. and is an early version of the second pattern. $900.00

Second photo is a single for a Truppenzart. $550.00

Third photo is an early version of the second pattern set for an Oberfeldscher.$700.00

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