Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bann Pless

Post 1938 pattern General HJ pair for an HJ Scharfuhrer of Bann 768 Pless, Obergebiet Ost, HJ Gebiet 40 Oberschlesien. This set has an interesting story. I bought a single from Spencer Vicotory. Over a year later I spotted the exact mate to my single on Ebay. I explained to the seller that I had the matching strap to his single and he accepted my offer. Of note on this strap is the Kriegsfreiwillege (war volunteer cord). Arthur Axman proclaimed the year 1944 as the "Year of The War Volunteers".  HJ members who were born in 1928 but were not fit to join the Waffen SS or Grossdeutchland formations were used within the Luftschutz, Feuerwehrscharn, and even in the Schnellcommandos. The cord is not a rank but is a decoration. It was stated that this kordel was the "highest possible decoration" for the H.J. at the time it was instituted in July of 1944. The signifigance of the cord diminished over time as thousands were handed out to H.J. members. It was allowed to be carried over and worn on the military uniform shoulder straps when an H.J. member became an active serviceman. This set has both a red and a white Kordel. It is not known to me what the white kordel represents but speculation could be for Striefendienst. Thanks to Wim Saris for the information regarding the kordel.$275.00

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