Thursday, December 31, 2009

Transitional Period Straps

Regulations regarding H.J. straps began to change again in 1936 and some odd looking H.J. straps come from the period when the changeover was occuring. There was always a transition period when H.J. insignia regulations changed and there was some time allowed for members to comply with the new regulations. Here are a few examples. First photo is a set of Motor H.J. for Bann 162 Lubeck, Gebeit Nord/Mecklenberg. This set is interesting as it is red piped but the numerals are pink. It is known that blank red piped straps were sold in RZM outlets to allow for numerals to be sewn on later. This set was possibly made from one of these "blank" sets, and when the wearer recieved his assignment to the Motor H.J. the pink  numerals were sewn in.$200.00

Second photo Bann 55 Lippe in Detmold 1934 pattern sew on pair for an H.J. Rottenfuhrer. This set has been dyed black on the front side. Probably to conform to the new regulations introducing black background straps in 1938. The litzen is missing from one strap, but they are still a scarce set not often seen. $300.00

Third photo is a single from Bann 389 Geilenkirchen for a Hauptbannfuhrer. It is a 1934 pattern that has been oversewn with a black "felt" material and handstichted Bann number on the reverese and worn flipped over to comply with the new 1938 regulations.$200.00

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