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Post 1938 Striefendienst (Patrol Service) Assortment.

Post 1938 pattern HJ Stiefendienst "slip on" pair for a Kameradeschaftsfuhrer from Bann 469 Dinslaken, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 10 Ruhr-Niederrhien. Striefendeinst straps are sometimes difficult to find and are normally priced a little higher than the other numbered HJ specialty straps.$250.00

Second photo is a post 1938 pattern Streifendienst Scharfuhrer single from Bann 385 Nethegau, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 9 Westfalen-Nord. This one also has the Kriesfreiwillage der H.J. for a wartime volunteer. $125.00

Post 1938 Marine HJ Assortment

First photo Bann 53 "Erich Nejahr", HJ Gebeit 11 Koln-Aachen, Obergebiet West, Marine HJ "slip on" pair . Unofficially attached cut down KM anchor cyphers. This set looks like Signals but compared side by side to Signals straps the blue color stands out on this pair.$ 250.00

Second photo post 1938 Marine HJ "slip on" single from Bann 56 Krefeld-Uerdingen, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 34 Duseldorf. This example has the RZM control tag affixed to the tongue portion of the strap. Some tags are attached in this manner and some are attached underneath the tongue. $80.00

Third photo is a set from Bann 74 Hannover, Obergebiet Nord, HJ Gebiet 8 Niedersachsen. Note the unofficially attached Kreigsmarine anchor devices attached, a practice although not allowed was occasionally done with HJ straps.$275.00

Fourth photo is a single for Bann 624 Marienbad, of Gebeit Ost/Sudetenland for a Scharfuhrer. Note the gold colored pip sometimes seen on M.H.J. straps and the unoffical Kriegsmarine anchor device attached to the strap. The button represents Gefolgschaft 5 of the Bann.$125.00

Fifth photo is a single "sew on" style for Bann 70 Saarbruken, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebeit 25 Westmark.$80.00

Post 1938 Nachrichten (Signals) HJ Assortment

Post 1938 pattern Signals HJ "sew in" Straps. First photo single from Bann 309 Wurzburg-Stadt, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet 39 Mainfranken.   Note the slight variation in the width of these straps. Signals HJ are the most difficult of the numbered HJ specailty straps to obtain in my experience. They don't get the notoriety of Striefendienst or Marine, but seem to be much more scarce. Signals and Marine HJ are sometimes confused, however Signals have a black background that is much darker than the Blue of the Marine straps.$80.00
Second photo "sew in" pair from Bann 233 Gladbach-Rheydt, Obergebeit West, HJ Gebiet 34 Dusseldorf. Earlier versions used the West/Ruhr Niederhien triangle.$200.00

Third photo Bann 712, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 25 Westmark, Diedenhofen-Stadt single.$80.00

 Fourth Photo is a pair from Bann 834 Lubbeck of  Gebiet West/Westfalen for a Oberrottenfuhrer also serving as a war volunteer wearing a Kriegsfreiwillege. $240.00

Fifth photo is a pair of "sew on" style from Bann 842 Bingen, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 13 Hessen-Nassua.$200.00

Post 1938 Flieger HJ Assortment

First photo are post 1938 pattern Flieger HJ "slip on" straps from Bann 663 Litzmannstadt, Obergebiet Ost, HJ Gebiet 38 Wartheland, and Bann 664 Schwetz, Obergebiet Ost, HJ Gebiet 38 Wartheland. These two Bann numbers are some of the most commonly found Flieger HJ straps. It is rumored a large cache was uncovered in Eastern Germany in a former RZM store in the mid 1980's. It is odd that the shoulder straps are common but the matching sleeve triangle is difficult to find. This 664 strap appears to have seen some heavy use, as evidenced by the distortion of the strap and the fraying of the piping. Also note the remanents of an RZM control tag on the backside. $ 65.00 EACH
Second photo is a post 1938 pattern Flieger HJ "sew in" pair from Bann 250 Goslar, Obergeibit Nord, HJ Gebiet 8 Niedersachsen. The single pip represents the HJ rank of Kameradschaftsfuhrer. This pair also has a snap on the back for ease of removal from a uniform. $225.00

Third photo is a post 1938 pattern Flieger HJ "sew in" single from Bann 138 Siegen-Wittgenstein, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 9 Westphalia. This one has seen some wear. Note the black snaps on the reverse for ease of removal from uniforms for laundering. Also note the glue remenants from an RZM control tag. $80.00

 Fourth photo is a set of Flieger H.J. from Bann 544 Grieskirchen, Obergebiet Südost H.J. Gebiet Oberdonnau located in Austria. Note that one strap has a R.Z.M. control tag affixed. True matching sets should only have one strap with a tag as they were sold in pairs. $225.00

Post 1938 Motor HJ Assortment

First photo is a post 1938 pattern Motor HJ "sew in" single from Bann 331, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebeit 18 Franken. Note the large odd sized pip. This would indicate the HJ rank of Kameradscharfuhrer. It is possible that this pip was added at sometime post war, however the strap shows heavy indentation where the pip is mounted, indicating it has been on the strap for a considerable ammount of time. Also note the twisting of the outer piping from wear and laundering.$80.00

Second photo is a post 1938 pattern Motor HJ "sew in" pair from Bann 325 Landsberg, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet 19 Hochland. Note the odd red colored stamp for the RZM manufacturers name code. This set was manufacturered by Josef Hysel from Munich, who got his RZM permission February 11, 1939. Also note the threads on one of the straps from being uniform removed. This pair may possibly have been matched from two singles. Also worth noting is the stitching around the outside of the piping on one of the straps, further evidence that this pair is put together from singles. $225.00

Third photo photo is a set of "sew on" Motor H.J. for Bann 561 Klangenfurt, Obergebiet Sudost, H.J. Gebiet Karnten. Also shown is the Gebeitsdrieke and Motor H.J. Sleeve Qualification Grade A for a driver. $550.00

Post 1938 Motor HJ Obergefolgschaftsfuhrer

Post 1938 Pattern Motor HJ "sew in" pair from Bann 83 Kassel, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 14 Kurnhessen. The three pips and single litzen indicate the HJ rank of Obergefolgschaftsführer. This pair are true "boards" being very stiff and difficult to bend, unlike the more common straps that bend with gravity. Note the litzen was sewn on prior to the piping being added, this pair was obviously manufactured for this rank. $375.00

Second photo is a single for Bann 564 Villach, Obergebiet Sudost, HJ Gebiet Karnten. This strap also has inner stiffeners, made for this rank. $150.00

Kriegsfreiwillege Der H.J.

In the year 1944, Reichsjugendfuhrer Arthur Axman proclaimed it as the "Year of the war volunteers". H.J. members born in 1928 who were unfit to join the Waffen SS or Grossdeutchland combat groups but still showed an interest in joining fighting units were used within the Luftschutz and for various wartime duties including the Fewerwhrscharen der H.J. and the Schnellcommandos. These units were led by a Police official and driver. These volunteers were authorized to wear a special red cord on the shoulder straps of the H.J. uniform. Known as the "Rote Kordel fur Kriegsfreiwillege" it was not a rank but rather a decoration. It was stated that this cord was the highest possible decoration for an H.J. member at the time it was introduced in July of 1944. Normally awarded by a Gebietsfuhrer and sometimes by a Kreigshauptbannfuhrer. Over time as thousands of these were awarded the significance of the award diminished. The kordel was allowed to be carried over and worn on military uniforms when the H.J. war volunteer began his active military service. (source: Hanbook of the Hitlerjugend by Wilhelm Saris).

Lehrerbildungsanstalt LBA Pair

Introduced in the spring of 1941 for the Stammanschaft of the LBA, institutions for the traning of teachers. It is almost certain the shoulder straps with Bann numbers were worn by students (Zogling) while attending the LBA shule. These straps are a set converted from Striefendienst HJ straps in anticipation of the regulation shoulder straps being introduced as was not unusual with HJ Shoulder Straps. It is unclear if "official" RZM controlled straps were ever introduced. These converted straps are the only type I have ever seen. This set was converted from a set for Bann 257 Alfeld. The first LBA Schule was located in Alfeld as well as Bann 257, it is possible the wearer of these straps was a student at the Schule, and modified these straps in anticipation of RZM straps being introduced. It is unclear if an RZM version of the LBA straps was ever manufactured, the only examples I have seen have been this hand converted variety. Difficult to find straps outside of established collections. RARE $875.00


Reichsfinazschulen "sew on" pair. Introduced in 1941 for students at the Reichsfinanzschulen (schools for training pupils on customs and taxes).These have often been mistaken for the Reichs Fuhrer Schule. Research done at the German Bundesfinanzakademie has verified that this is the correct strap worn at the Reichfinanzschule. Fifteen of these schools were established by 1941. Each of these schools had an SA Sturm, however not all RFS had an HJ unit. The students, known as Jungmann wore this strap, but a special triangle was never introduced. The triangle worn with this strap reflected the Gebiet in which the school was located. The strap was not worn with a Gefolgschaft number button as only one Gefolgschaft sized unit existed at each school. This pair is the item pictured in "Youth Led By Youth" Vol. 3 page 73. They have been modified by adding snaps to the reverse to allow removal from the uniform during laundering and have homemade wooden stiffeners inside them to make them more like "boards" than straps. Published and RARE $900.00

N.P.E.A. ( Nat. Pol. Erziehungsanstalten) SELECTION

 N.P.E.A. Seclection. First photo is a first pattern single for a Jungmann attending an N.P.E.A. Schule, introduced in 1937.  Third photo is a post 1938 pattern single sew in style for the rank of Oberkameradeschaftsfuhrer. $375.00
Second photo is is  a post 1938 pattern single for a Kameradeschaftsfuhrer at the N.P.E.A., Schule, note the unusual rank pip that is embroidered and not the typical metal pip. $375.00
Third photo is a post 1938 pattern single sew in style for the rank of Oberkameradeschaftsfuhrer. $350.00

Adolf Hitler Schule Sets

Adolf Hitler Schule post 1938 pattern "slip on" pair. These straps were introduced around late 1939 to 1940 for wear by the students of the Adolf Hitler Schule. 12 Schule existed on paper but were not all built due to wartime shortages. Students were housed and educated in older buildings near planned Schule locations. These straps are difficult to find. 950.00
Second photo is a set of White piped and lettered for Staff and Teachers ( Erzieher-Anwarter) Also introduced around 1943 for teachers and members of the Stammanschaft (the school's cadre and permanent personel). These are very stiff with metal reinforcement on the inside of the cloth much like some of my leadership straps. $1200.00


 Note the thin size of this strap.  In late 1943 a specially designed uniform for Luftwaffenhelfers replaced the standard pattern HJ uniform worn by H.J. Luftwaffe auxiliarie members. A Flak Helpers shoulder strap was introduced with a distictive blue-grey wool backing. The piping color was a light blue-grey. Bann numbers are normally not encountered on these style straps. First photo is a late war variant Flakhelfer single. $125.00

Second photo is a post 1938 pattern H.J. Flakhelfer "slip on" pair. This set appears to have grey piping, but further inspection reveals the outer piping is very dingy, and where the piping meets the edge of the strap it is a much lighter bluish color. The litzen is for the H.J. rank of Rottenfuhrer. $250.00

Third photo is a single variant with the Kriegsfrieweillige for a war volunteer. This strap also has a non regulation hand sewn Bann number for Bann 165, Harz-Bode of Obergebiet Mitte, HJ Gebiet 23 Mittelelbe. $150.00

Fourth photos is a comparisson of the various Flakhelfer straps that were used, and also a breast alder that was worn in combination with the Flakhelfer straps. $1500.00 for the group.

Post 1938 Landjahr.

First photo is a post 1938 Landjahr third pattern "sew in" Single. $200.00

Second photo is a post 1938 Landjahr "slip on" single $200.00

Third photo post 1938 pattern Landjahr Gefolgschafts fuhrer. Note the Silver twist cord on the outside edge of the straps. This set was modified by the wearer by the addition on non regulation silver piping to reflect his rank and position. $475.00

Fouth photo an assortment of Landjahr straps showing the differing patterns, a second pattern Landjahr Gebietsdrieke, and a "Schwert Und Schole" landjahr patch of unknow purpose. Schwert Und Schole patch $300.00

Cuff Title worn by members of the "Landdienst Der H.J." on the lower left sleeve. Some members of the Landjahr were also participants in the Landdienst program. $250.00

Bann L Munchen

Assortment of shoulder straps for Liebstandarte Bann Munchen, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet 19 Hochland.  These are both the 1934 pattern straps and the post 1938 pattern straps for this Bann. First photo is a 1934 pattern pair for the rank of Rottenfuhrer. Ubber RARE $475.00

The second photo is piped and numbered in "mouse grey" for a D.J. Leader holding the rank of Scharfuhrer. $320.00

Third photo is a Scharfuhrer pair. This set has different sized "L"s on them but appear to have been worn together. $650.00

Fourth photo is a single pink piped and numbered  for Motor HJ. One of the most difficult to find Motor HJ straps.$350.00

Fifth photo is a Single DJ strap for Liebstandarte Jungbann "Munchen-Nordwest", Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet 19 Hochland. Only 2 DJ Jungbanns from Munich used this style of strap (1/L and 2/L) from January 1st 1936 to October 1938. The 1/L designation was for "Munchen-Sudost". Bann Munich straps do not come up for sale often and fetch a high price when offered.$300.00

Bann D.J. 1 Auslander

Rare Post 1938 "slip on" pair for an Oberkameradeschaftsfuher from Bann "D.J. 1". The "D.J." signifies Deutche Jungend and the "1" signifies Bann 1. Used by members of the H.J. Auslander organizations outside of Germany primarily in Eastern Europe. Examples are said to exist that include "D.J. 2", "D.J. 3" etc. I have only observed examples from "D.J. 1". Bann 1 was located in the following areas (credit to Sonny for the Bann locations and names):
Slowakei -
Bann 1 Pressburg
Banat und Serbien -

Bann 1 Betschkerek
Kroatien -

Bann 1 Ostsyrmien
Ungarn -

Bann 1 Schwäbische Türkei
Rumänien -

Bann 1 Kronstadt

Find another set, good luck. $1000.00

Bann "J" Nurnberg

A Post 1938 sew in set for Bann J, Nurnberg, Sud/Franken. Introduced on April 1, 1936. The "J" designation was an acknowledgement to the "Jungsturm Adolph Hitler" which had been incorporated into the Hilter Youth. Difficult to find straps not often seen outside of established collections. $1000.00

Reichsjugendfuhrung Obergefolgschaftsfuhrer

Obbergefolgschaftsfuhrer on the Reichsjugendfuhrung Stab. Introduced in 1937. This style and color was worn by personnel sanctioned for a function of the RJF but holding a rank lower than Bannfuhrer. These would represent a sort of "advisor" on the Stab. Scarce straps not often found outside of established collections. Impossible to find for sale anywhere else, ever. $1100.00

Feldscher H.J.

This version was introduced on September 2, 1938. The original form had an aesculapius. This was replaced by Lebensrune (Life Rune). When a doctor or dentist held a regular H.J. rank, he wore the standard H.J. straps reflecting the rank. They wore a sleeve insignia to differntiate them from regular H.J. Feldscher strap buttons did not have a Gefolgschaft number, but rather a silver 19mm button. This pattern was worn until the end of the war. They are never encountered in the "slip on" style, always the "sew in" pattern. Feldcher straps are difficult to find outside of established collections and command a heavy price when offered for sale.

 First photo is a pair is for a Hauptarzt of the Feldscher H.J. and is an early version of the second pattern. $900.00

Second photo is a single for a Truppenzart. $550.00

Third photo is an early version of the second pattern set for an Oberfeldscher.$700.00