Saturday, July 11, 2009


An example of a single for an H.J. Bannfuhrer without command responsibilities. This example is unique in the fact it is piped in white with the silver twist cording sewn around the outside of the white piping. Perhaps for an administrative function on the Gebiet or Bann Stab. Scarce strap not seen outside of well established collections.$900.00

Oberbannfuhrer of Bann 21

Single Oberbannfuhrer of Bann 21, Horst Wessel Stadt, Obergebiet Ost, H.J. Gebiet Berlin. This example is for an Oberbannfuhrer with command responsabilities due to the presence of the Bann number on the strap. A very difficult to find H.J. strap. A Berlin Commander!! $1000.00

H.J. Hauptbannfuhrer

Single HJ Hauptbannfuhrer. This style was in use from 1937 onward. Note the high quality aluminum embroidery. Be very careful with H.J. staps at this level, as there are fakes made of these high level straps. Original straps have very puffy and high quality embroidery and if sold in pairs should include a left and a right strap which are mirror images of each other. Ubber RARE RARE $850.00

Oberbannfuhrer Serving as a Gebietsfuhrer.

They are in gold Celleon embroidery which, according to page 301 of the Saris reference, denotes a "Fuhrer eines Gebietes" with the rank of an Oberbannfuhrer. This style is listed in the period price list as article number 14072 due to the "Lasche" on the reverse. Similar sets in gold exist for a Hauptbannfuhrer serving as the leader of a district.The Holy Grail of H.J. Straps!!!!!!!! $1200.00