Thursday, December 31, 2009

1934-1937 Pattern HJ Straps.

First photo is a set of 1936 pattern for a Rottenfuhrer from Bann 334 Wurzburg-Land/Kitzingen, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet 39 Mainfranken. The Bann dates to 1936 as that was the introduction year of this Bann. Note the slip on litzen. This set was manufactured prior to the factory applied litzen or added as a later promotion. $250.00

Second photo 1934/37 period HJ schulterklappen pair from Bann 335, Schwienfurt. At this time the Bann was located in Obbergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet-18 Franken. This Bann was renumbered in the timeframe of 1934/35 from B35 to 335 , (see the B35 strap post). These straps are from the tranisitonal period when the Obberbann system was abolished and the straps showing the assignment were introduced. The red piping and numeral may denote Obberbann 1 or General HJ, without knowing exact date of manufacture specific identification is difficult. This pair appears to have been put together from different sets. Note the holes in the strap on the right where rank pips or button snaps have possibly been removed, and the different coloration and shape from washing and wear. Also note that on the early period straps, 1934-1938, the stitching for the numerals goes all or part way through the backside of the straps.$250.00

Third photo is an interesting cutoff H.J. strap for a Gefolgschaftsfuhrer from Bann Rottal, Gebiet Sud/Bayerische. The numbered button reflects that this was the Gefolgschaftfuhrer of Gefolgschaft 11 of the Bann. An interesting and not often seen "cutoff". $400.00

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