Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gebiet Stab

Post 1938 singles for Gebietstab. Gebietstab straps are difficult to find in matching pairs, as in the past it was more profitable to sell singles than pairs, many pairs were broken up.

First photo is a Scharfuhrer from Gebiet 6 Nordmark. $500.00

 Second photo Scharfuhrer on the Gebeitstab of HJ Gebiet 8 Niedersachsen, Obergebeit Nord. $500.00

Third photo Oberrottenfuhrer on the Gebietstab of Gebiet 31 Karnten. $550.00

Fourth photo is an interesting version of a Oberstammfuhrer on the staff of Gebiet 12 Moselland. Note the leather "tounge" sewn to the reverse to convert from "sew in" to "slip on" style.$600.00
Fifth photo Rottenfuhrer on the Gebietstab of Gebiet 27 Wien. $650.00, RARE UNIT.
Sixth photo Gefolgschaftsfuhrer on the Gebiet stab of Gebiet 39 Mainfranken. $650.00

Post 1938 Pair for a Gelfolgschaftsfuhrer on the Staff Of Gebiet 24, Nord/Mecklenburg. RARE PAIR $850.00

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