Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post 1938 Landjahr.

First photo is a post 1938 Landjahr third pattern "sew in" Single. $200.00

Second photo is a post 1938 Landjahr "slip on" single $200.00

Third photo post 1938 pattern Landjahr Gefolgschafts fuhrer. Note the Silver twist cord on the outside edge of the straps. This set was modified by the wearer by the addition on non regulation silver piping to reflect his rank and position. $475.00

Fouth photo an assortment of Landjahr straps showing the differing patterns, a second pattern Landjahr Gebietsdrieke, and a "Schwert Und Schole" landjahr patch of unknow purpose. Schwert Und Schole patch $300.00

Cuff Title worn by members of the "Landdienst Der H.J." on the lower left sleeve. Some members of the Landjahr were also participants in the Landdienst program. $250.00

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  1. Would you be interested in selling the Landjahr lot?