Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mid Level H.J. Leadership Straps

First photo is a Hauptgefolgschaftsfuhrer pair. This style strap is often found with embroidered or metal numerals attached. They are also encountered with a gothic "G" and a numeral for Gebietstab. Note how the litzen is sewn under the piping. Adding litzen to straps was forbidden by the RZM. This was ignored in some cases, but any straps with the litzen sewn under the outside piping were made to RZM regulated specifications for that particular HJ rank.$400.00

Second photo is a single for an Oberstamfuhrer from Bann 55 Lippe, in Detmold of HJ Gebiet 9, West/Westfalen. Note the embroidered Bann number on the straps, this was commonly done with this level and above HJ Leadership straps.$300.00

Third photo is a single for an Oberstammfuhrer without a Bann number attached. $ 250.00

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