Sunday, July 12, 2009


 Note the thin size of this strap.  In late 1943 a specially designed uniform for Luftwaffenhelfers replaced the standard pattern HJ uniform worn by H.J. Luftwaffe auxiliarie members. A Flak Helpers shoulder strap was introduced with a distictive blue-grey wool backing. The piping color was a light blue-grey. Bann numbers are normally not encountered on these style straps. First photo is a late war variant Flakhelfer single. $125.00

Second photo is a post 1938 pattern H.J. Flakhelfer "slip on" pair. This set appears to have grey piping, but further inspection reveals the outer piping is very dingy, and where the piping meets the edge of the strap it is a much lighter bluish color. The litzen is for the H.J. rank of Rottenfuhrer. $250.00

Third photo is a single variant with the Kriegsfrieweillige for a war volunteer. This strap also has a non regulation hand sewn Bann number for Bann 165, Harz-Bode of Obergebiet Mitte, HJ Gebiet 23 Mittelelbe. $150.00

Fourth photos is a comparisson of the various Flakhelfer straps that were used, and also a breast alder that was worn in combination with the Flakhelfer straps. $1500.00 for the group.

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