Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post 1938 Nachrichten (Signals) HJ Assortment

Post 1938 pattern Signals HJ "sew in" Straps. First photo single from Bann 309 Wurzburg-Stadt, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet 39 Mainfranken.   Note the slight variation in the width of these straps. Signals HJ are the most difficult of the numbered HJ specailty straps to obtain in my experience. They don't get the notoriety of Striefendienst or Marine, but seem to be much more scarce. Signals and Marine HJ are sometimes confused, however Signals have a black background that is much darker than the Blue of the Marine straps.$80.00
Second photo "sew in" pair from Bann 233 Gladbach-Rheydt, Obergebeit West, HJ Gebiet 34 Dusseldorf. Earlier versions used the West/Ruhr Niederhien triangle.$200.00

Third photo Bann 712, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 25 Westmark, Diedenhofen-Stadt single.$80.00

 Fourth Photo is a pair from Bann 834 Lubbeck of  Gebiet West/Westfalen for a Oberrottenfuhrer also serving as a war volunteer wearing a Kriegsfreiwillege. $240.00

Fifth photo is a pair of "sew on" style from Bann 842 Bingen, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 13 Hessen-Nassua.$200.00

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