Sunday, July 12, 2009


Reichsfinazschulen "sew on" pair. Introduced in 1941 for students at the Reichsfinanzschulen (schools for training pupils on customs and taxes).These have often been mistaken for the Reichs Fuhrer Schule. Research done at the German Bundesfinanzakademie has verified that this is the correct strap worn at the Reichfinanzschule. Fifteen of these schools were established by 1941. Each of these schools had an SA Sturm, however not all RFS had an HJ unit. The students, known as Jungmann wore this strap, but a special triangle was never introduced. The triangle worn with this strap reflected the Gebiet in which the school was located. The strap was not worn with a Gefolgschaft number button as only one Gefolgschaft sized unit existed at each school. This pair is the item pictured in "Youth Led By Youth" Vol. 3 page 73. They have been modified by adding snaps to the reverse to allow removal from the uniform during laundering and have homemade wooden stiffeners inside them to make them more like "boards" than straps. Published and RARE $900.00

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