Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post 1938 Motor HJ Assortment

First photo is a post 1938 pattern Motor HJ "sew in" single from Bann 331, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebeit 18 Franken. Note the large odd sized pip. This would indicate the HJ rank of Kameradscharfuhrer. It is possible that this pip was added at sometime post war, however the strap shows heavy indentation where the pip is mounted, indicating it has been on the strap for a considerable ammount of time. Also note the twisting of the outer piping from wear and laundering.$80.00

Second photo is a post 1938 pattern Motor HJ "sew in" pair from Bann 325 Landsberg, Obergebiet Sud, HJ Gebiet 19 Hochland. Note the odd red colored stamp for the RZM manufacturers name code. This set was manufacturered by Josef Hysel from Munich, who got his RZM permission February 11, 1939. Also note the threads on one of the straps from being uniform removed. This pair may possibly have been matched from two singles. Also worth noting is the stitching around the outside of the piping on one of the straps, further evidence that this pair is put together from singles. $225.00

Third photo photo is a set of "sew on" Motor H.J. for Bann 561 Klangenfurt, Obergebiet Sudost, H.J. Gebiet Karnten. Also shown is the Gebeitsdrieke and Motor H.J. Sleeve Qualification Grade A for a driver. $550.00

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