Thursday, December 31, 2009

Unumbered General H.J.

Post 1938 Pattern late war General HJ "sew in" pair. This pair was manufactured without Bann numbers, designed to have metal numbers affixed. The pips reflect the HJ rank of Scharfuhrer. The manufacturing of these was allowed by the RZM from September 1944 to simplify matters by companies that were in fact RZM controlled. A manufacturer had to ensure the straps were well-made, then was allowed to sell them at wholesale. They had ensure proper embroidery. However, this is apparently something that did not happen all the time, and they can be found with somewhat crude looking stitching them. On occasion, late war straps with a rather poor embroidery are found, and they are assumed to be faked, when the regulations are not adhered to. This is also the time that metal letters and numbers came into use. Earlier this was strictly forbidden. Manufacturing of shoulder boards for leaders was continued and controlled by the RZM until the end of the war. Period photos also show this style of unumbered straps were used by some students of the N.P.E.A. Rare: $175.00

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