Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post 1938 Marine HJ Assortment

First photo Bann 53 "Erich Nejahr", HJ Gebeit 11 Koln-Aachen, Obergebiet West, Marine HJ "slip on" pair . Unofficially attached cut down KM anchor cyphers. This set looks like Signals but compared side by side to Signals straps the blue color stands out on this pair.$ 250.00

Second photo post 1938 Marine HJ "slip on" single from Bann 56 Krefeld-Uerdingen, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 34 Duseldorf. This example has the RZM control tag affixed to the tongue portion of the strap. Some tags are attached in this manner and some are attached underneath the tongue. $80.00

Third photo is a set from Bann 74 Hannover, Obergebiet Nord, HJ Gebiet 8 Niedersachsen. Note the unofficially attached Kreigsmarine anchor devices attached, a practice although not allowed was occasionally done with HJ straps.$275.00

Fourth photo is a single for Bann 624 Marienbad, of Gebeit Ost/Sudetenland for a Scharfuhrer. Note the gold colored pip sometimes seen on M.H.J. straps and the unoffical Kriegsmarine anchor device attached to the strap. The button represents Gefolgschaft 5 of the Bann.$125.00

Fifth photo is a single "sew on" style for Bann 70 Saarbruken, Obergebiet West, HJ Gebeit 25 Westmark.$80.00

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