Thursday, December 31, 2009

Post 1938 Pattern General H.J. Shoulder Straps

First photo is a post 1938 General HJ "Slip on" style pair from Bann 79 Hildenshiem, Obergebiet Nord, HJ Gebiet 8 Niedersachsen. $125.00

Second Photo is a post 1938 General HJ "sew in" pair from Bann 242 Julich-Erkelenz (later Julich), Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 11 Koln-Aachen. The three pips indicate the HJ rank of Gefolgschaftsfuhrer. It is not uncommon to see different styles or colors of pips on the same strap, as they were added as promotions were attained.$225.00

Third phot is a post 1938 pattern Genral HJ pair for a Gelfolgschaftsfuhrer of Bann 507 Wien West, Obergebiet Ost,HJ Gebiet 27 Wien. This set was manufactured by Otto Hendel of Sehma. $SOLD

 Fourth photoe is a 1938 Pattern late war General HJ "sew in" pair for Bann 945 Reichwerke Hermman Goering, Obergebiet Nord, HJ Gebiet 8 Niedersachsen. Note the red RZM control tags on the reverse. The ink stamp indicates the manufacturers name, the A4 designation is for textile manufacturing, the large C possibly represents the price of the tag, and the printed number at the bottom is the serial number of the straps. The name of the specific manufacturer can be traced through the ink stamp.This manufacturer is Rudolf Langer from Weipert in the Sudetenland-district, who got his RZM permission (anyway announced) February 11, 1939. Niedersachsen and Sudetenland are not really in the same area. This information is difficult to obtain as very few collectors have access to the RZM regulations which state who was permitted to manufacture items, and when they were permitted. Also note the straight pattern buttonhole, the "keyhole" pattern is more common. $175.00

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