Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bann Munden Musician

Post 1938 General HJ "sew in" style single strap from Bann 596 Munden, Obergebiet Nord, HJ Gebiet 8 Niedersachsen. Note the metal lyre cypher on this strap.The use of the metal Lyre was forbidden by regulation in 1934 with the introduction of the early HJ uniform regulations-books from that period. A special color for the shoulder-strap was never introduced, so music bands largely wore the red piping of the General HJ. The only insignia which was officialy introduced as an indication for members of a band was a special grey metal button in the summer of 1937. The button shows an "S" and has a diameter of 1.9 cm officially, with the height for the "S" being 1.3cm.The use of any kind of musical insignia was never officially allowed, however period photographs show that this was not alway adhered to. $250.00

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