Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bann D.J. 1 Auslander

Rare Post 1938 "slip on" pair for an Oberkameradeschaftsfuher from Bann "D.J. 1". The "D.J." signifies Deutche Jungend and the "1" signifies Bann 1. Used by members of the H.J. Auslander organizations outside of Germany primarily in Eastern Europe. Examples are said to exist that include "D.J. 2", "D.J. 3" etc. I have only observed examples from "D.J. 1". Bann 1 was located in the following areas (credit to Sonny for the Bann locations and names):
Slowakei -
Bann 1 Pressburg
Banat und Serbien -

Bann 1 Betschkerek
Kroatien -

Bann 1 Ostsyrmien
Ungarn -

Bann 1 Schwäbische Türkei
Rumänien -

Bann 1 Kronstadt

Find another set, good luck. $1000.00

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