Thursday, December 31, 2009

Early Obberbann 5 Straps

First photo is a single 1934 pattern for a Kameradeschaftsfuhrer of Bann 102 Zittaum from Oberbann 5, Unterbann 2 of Obergebiet Mitte HJ Gebiet 16 Sachsen. The black numbered and piped are difficult to find. $250.00

Second Photo is a single from Bann 263 Tuetoburg from Oberbann 5, Unterbann I (black numbered and piped) of Obergebiet West, HJ Gebiet 9 Westfalen. $275.00

Third photo is a pair from Bann 260 Beckum-Warendorf, Oberbann 5, Unterbann II of Gebiet West/Westfalen. $450.00


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