Thursday, December 31, 2009

Early Obberbann 3 Straps.

Obberbann 3 straps are piped in green, with green numerals. The large numeral represents the Bann and the Roman numeral represents the Unterbann. First photo is a 1934 regulation single Schulterklappe from Bann B35 Schweinfurt. At this time the Bann was located within HJ-Obergebiet S├╝d, HJ-Gebiet 18 Franken. Note the chain style stitching of the numerals used on the early period straps. The green piping and Bann number denotes Oberbann 3 Unterfranken. The roman numerals denote Unterbann II.  $70.00

Second photo is a single strap from Bann 57 Unterbann II Wessel Stadt, Obergebiet West, HJ Oberbann 10 Ruhr-Niederrhien. $70.00

Third photo is a set from Bann 271 Luneburger-Heide, Nord Nordsee.$175.00

Fourth photo is a scarce Bann Liebstandarte Munich single for Obberaban 3. A very difficult strap to find. $325.00

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